Thick skin and skulls

Perhaps I’ve been blessed with both.  :3

Thank you Hiromi.
We’ve known each other for a year and half now.
You were always kind during training.
I’ve been waiting for you.
Welcome to the ring, my lightly meaty friend.
Let’s get strong together.
I plan on winning.  So should you.
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Time is a funny thing.  Sometimes I get so focused on how little of it I have that I lose the moment.  And other times this awareness makes every moment so. fucking. precious.  I’m lucky to have had a friend remind me of that fairly recently.

“It isn’t permanent.”

It isn’t.  And it wasn’t.  And whatever happens next will just be another moment that passes.  But I will love it.  And I am grateful for all the moments that were given and shared with me.  Fucking thank you.

So let’s do this.

Oedo Tai and Stardom are touching down in America for the first time.  I don’t think you can even understand how excited I am.  There are no words.  No number of “fucks” shouted aloud and wild hand waving could illustrate how excited I am right now.  I haven’t been back home in so long.  And I’m gonna see my mom and freaking sister for the first time in more than 2..almost 3 years.

I’m ready to come home.  Maybe not to stay just yet.  But I’m ready to see America again.  I’ve missed you lady.  How have you been?




I know.  I’m obsessed with the idea of strength.  Though that idea changes and evolves as I continue flopping and clawing through this life.  I understand that there is more than just physical power.  Inner strength, mental fortitude is necessary to navigate through the crap that can get thrown at you by angry monkeys and dickheads who can’t take care of their own shit.  I think it’s ok to compartmentalize, or to have a wall and be cold, or be open and completely vulnerable like an idiot child who just hopes for the best.  Maybe I should take turns using these defenses instead of just using one.  HAHA…I think the completely vulnerable one is what I’ve been using lately.  Just being open and letting all the different emotions hit.  Take it.  Accept it. And move on.  Though…sometimes you get tired and that’s when it’s time to rotate your defense.  Mmm..maybe what matters really is which defense you use and when you use it.  Timing is everything isn’t it?

Anyways this probably doesn’t make sense to anyone.  It doesn’t really make sense to me either…just words…falling from my head and combining on screen.

I’ve been out on a break from wrestling for 3 weeks now.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.  I do feel crazy not being able to run around and kick and jump on people, but it was nice to have some down time to hermit and see my friends.  It was a good time to reflect, watch movies, wrestling vids, and read (kinda — I’m not supposed to concentrate too hard or supposedly my brain would explode ~.~)  Overall, it’s been really frustrating not being able to do what makes me feel good or happy.  But I guess it was a good thing.  I don’t often get the chance to reflect, write in this blog and sound like weirdo.  LUCKY!

I’m gonna work on a new costume then go float in the ocean for a while.  Dear online journal and eyes that come across my rants, thanks for existing.
I often don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going.  But thanks for being here with me, assholes.  I love you all.

sis fam JenK AK trunk KYboy RYS KY YURI GAIJIN YOLO oedomore KM JK listnuse2 listnuse mari oedotai fuka jkt oedo



The women I work with are warriors(戦士) and legends(伝説). Sometimes my mind can’t wrap around the thought of what I’m doing amongst them.

Because I feel like a puppy when I’m around them.  Excited and amazed at every new discovery and chance to try something new.  Lol of course at times this puppy is aware that it might get kicked in the face if it makes the wrong move.


But I am where I want to be.

Last match in Shin-Kiba it was Kim-chan and I versus Nanae Takahashi and Hojo Kairi.  They are an amazing team. I saw first hand why they’re the tag team champions. Kim of course was awesome. Watching her battle it out with Nanae were some of my favorite moments of the match.  Kim is trying to help me think more so I’m more aware of everything around me. I really like working with her.



Afterwards I met up with some of my friends that waited for me after the event. ;_; they waited in the cold for so long!! I felt really bad and just wanted to hug them. When I came around they took advantage of the fact that I’m a walking heater and stuffed their hands into my shirt and stole my heat. It was ok though, I really appreciated them coming and sticking around. When my friends are around I think I feel really excited and I don’t pay so much attention to the aches my body may feel ^^.


「insert photo of Jun, Andrew, and new friend Mike here」


I just like this photo *^^*

This weekend we’re going to Iwaki and Hakata!



In Iwaki I’ll face Mystique.
And in Hakata it’s me and Kim versus Yoneyama and Hatsuhinode.
I’m excited for both matches. Finally, another single! Mystique has a totally different style from me so I’m really interested to see what happens! And of course I’m excited to go back to Kyushu! Wrestling, friends, food, all of it! I can’t wait!  Ok…seriously though..I’ve been ignoring my stomach and now it’s mad at me. I have to take care of it. Til next time, what will you be doing this weekend? If you’re in Japan or Kyushu, will you be coming to the show?

Peace out my lovelies.

P.S. Editing later for more…time for food

Yesterday’s match results:
Win: 1
Loss: 1

LOL and in that order. ;D
おもしろかった。I had fun! @_@;;;

My body is stiff and sore, but I feel like I’m getting stronger.
And I love the feeling of learning that comes with every match…and every practice.

After our Halloween match, Starfire and I took a photo with the legendary Hayabusa!
しあいあとでスタ ーファイヤたちしゃしんとりましった。はやぶささん!




It was a good day.


Io-san’s group used this for their entrance music for the Halloween Event.


Today I plan on …eating meat…and quite possibly…dancing. What will you do today?  ^^ Cheers!!


^ This is my mask, Shadow!

GAOOOOO! Korakuen! Are you ready??

Good evening, everyone!



DAMMNNN! Time goes by so quickly! This month we’re already finished with the shows in Shin-Kiba and Osaka!  SO MUCH FREAKING FUN.  Everyone is so fun. …Meat.

Osaka, thank you!! ❤

火曜日は暇?? 後楽園にスターダム観に来て!

Are you free this Tuesday? Come watch Stardom at Korakuen!
12:00PM! Tickets start at 3500 yen!


Of course I ate meat!
Today I was supppperrr hungry!
I went to Ribera Steak house in Meguro (Tokyoooo)!
Hella delicious!! I’m sooo happy!
I will sleep well tonight!


I…love…food. ❤

This is an older picture from a really good meat place a little bit outside of Tokyo.  All the servers in the restaurant wore this shirt.  I wanted to eat them all.


So yeah!  I’m a bum at updating my blog so everything gets smooshed together.  How the hell do I say that in Japanese? @_@.  Apologies.  For my meat obsession.  Sorry.  Not sorry.

I had actually wanted to write about my ride back up from Osaka and how it felt to see Mt. Fuji again.  The first time I had seen it up close was when I was riding from Kyushu to Tokyo…about a year ago!  So much has changed since then…since I came to Japan really!  God…I should try to document it…at least for my sake.  I’d like to be able to remember these moments..or at least have something to help me access those memories.

^ぜんぶ日本語でできない!けど。。。いちねんまえふじさんはじめて。じてんしゃでさがから東京まで。うれしかった。私のじんせいはちがいました。(changed?) もとかけます!ぜんぶおぼえてしたい!(あたまわるい ~.~;;) がんばります!!

(I wish I had a picture of me eating the steak…but was devoured too quickly for the human eye to capture.)

チケットのよやく は このブログ の コンタクト ページ からか、facebook で メッセージ ください
Remember! Korakuen! 9/23! Starts at 12!
Message me here or on Facebook to reserve tickets!


Winning, losing, eating.

*^_^* I won my first match yesterday!
*^_^* きのうはつしょおりでした!

I was facing Hazuki Reo and Hatsu Hinode in a 3 way match in Shin-Kiba.
しんきばで3WAYバトル, はずきとはつひのでとわたし。
We’ve faced each other before, but I was feeling much better this time!

In fact, I had eaten a lot of meat the night before so I felt really good!  

Unfortunately, the blood I tasted was my own, but maybe next time I’ll be able to bite through Hinode’s mask and see what she tastes like.  

*^_^* She’s so cute.  
I’m sure she tastes like sugar!

This 3 way stuff is difficult, but interesting.
It’s hard for me to concentrate when there are such yummy looking humans bouncing around in front of me.  

But I will try harder!  

The 3 of us are fighting again in Shin-Kiba and Osaka, so I’m sure I’ll get another chance!

I watched Kimura-san fight yesterday too!
She’s really strong.
I hear she’s never caught a cold before.
~_~;; I’m just getting over a cold.
Maybe one day I will be strong like her!  

I assume I must continue eating meat and fighting so I can gain experience points and level up.

10677486_1474579799458472_499375710_oEveryone’s matches were hella cool! *O*
After everyone’s matches I got to meet some of the Stardom/Monster/Wolf fans and take some pictures!
I feel really honored they want to take pictures with or of me.  
I always make such horrible faces in photos.  They say photos capture the soul.  My soul always looks hungry.

After the event I went with my friends Jun and Felicity to eat some meat.
They said they really had a good time, but Felicity said I should be sexier when I fight.  I don’t really know if I can do that, but I guess it’s advice I can consider!


Ahh more stuff happened, and I was able to drink some delicious beer…but I’m getting distracted by my homework.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.13.28 PM


I still have a lot to learn about Joshi Puro, but I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who are willing to share what they know!
*^_^* Ok! I’m going to study some more! Have a great night/week! And enjoy your meals!


My 3 Japanese words for the day are:

Appreciate = かんしゃする
Focus = しゅうちゅう
Miss = こいしたう

Tribute to Incredible Women Wrestlers

A few days ago I was asked by one of the admins of the “Tribute to Incredible Women Wrestlers” Facebook group to do an interview since I recently debuted as a new wrestler for Stardom here in Japan.  I was honored and surprised.

The English version can be found on their Facebook page.

They post about a lot of really cool women in the wrestling world, especially the girls of Stardom!


じゃあー このポストはインタビュー

ごめんなさい。あさごはんまだたべます、わたしのにほんごはもともとへたです!でも、これは”Tribute to Incredible Women Wrestlers”のしつもん!



Q : First question ; We have mostly discovered you through the videos Alpha Female was making. Was she an influence on you becoming a pro wrestler and also how did you met her?





Alpha は私がプロレスラーになりたい理由の一つです。正直、スターダムのみんなもそうです。3月に最初の試合見に行ったんですけど、このようなもの見たことなかったです。子供の頃はハルクはリック・フレアが大好きで、でもテレビにアクセスできない時期が結構大きかったので…たまに知らない情報や知識があります。それで…スターダムを見て…生で…最高すぎでした。ずっと目を離さずワクワクしながら見てました。どうしてそんな動きできるのか、どんなダメージを受けてるのか心配したりもしてました。すぐハマりました…その瞬間に呆然として一気にプロレスに恋しました。遅いって…知ってます。でも、みんながリングの中に立っているのを見てる時の気持ち、あまり上手に言えない。


Q: Did you ever watched any wrestling before knowing her and if so, who is your idol in pro wrestling ( and why).?






Q: By who were you trained?




柿本風香さんです。大好きです *^_^*


Q: Also, do you have any martial arts background?





Q: You made your in-ring debut against both Reo Hazuki and Koguma on August 10th. How were you feeling all day before your first match?






Q: You did join the Kimura monster gun after your first match. It is a stable that had a lot of success within STARDOM, was it the reason on why you joined Kyoko Kimura stable? モンスターぐん、なんで?




Q: What pushed you to leave America to go to Japan?






Q: Also, what is the main difference between the Japanese culture and the American culture?



うーん、1番の違い?難しいですね…なんたって違いってたくさんありますから。でも私にとって1番はっきりしてる違いは…うーん…日本では全体に集中してます。全てちゃんといってるか。みんな一緒に働いてるか。集団行動が多いです。アメリカでは1人1人に集中します。私は私が幸せになるためのことをしてるか。私は私に満足しているか。…ここで集団の中で人それぞれの問題などがないとは言ってません。日本人も当たり前に自分の幸せのことを考えたり、アメリカでもコミュニティのことを大事にして、みんなと働きます。でも全体的に集中するポイントが違います。全体の幸せ 対 個人の幸せ。


Q: I’ve discovered recently that you’re making videos on youtube about your life in Japan with your friend Junko. What motivates you on making those videos ? ( link :






Q: Last Question : Is there anyone in Stardom you would love to face in your pro wrestling career and why would you love to face her? だれがしあいやりたい?