Thick skin and skulls

Perhaps I’ve been blessed with both.  :3

Thank you Hiromi.
We’ve known each other for a year and half now.
You were always kind during training.
I’ve been waiting for you.
Welcome to the ring, my lightly meaty friend.
Let’s get strong together.
I plan on winning.  So should you.
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Time is a funny thing.  Sometimes I get so focused on how little of it I have that I lose the moment.  And other times this awareness makes every moment so. fucking. precious.  I’m lucky to have had a friend remind me of that fairly recently.

“It isn’t permanent.”

It isn’t.  And it wasn’t.  And whatever happens next will just be another moment that passes.  But I will love it.  And I am grateful for all the moments that were given and shared with me.  Fucking thank you.

So let’s do this.

Oedo Tai and Stardom are touching down in America for the first time.  I don’t think you can even understand how excited I am.  There are no words.  No number of “fucks” shouted aloud and wild hand waving could illustrate how excited I am right now.  I haven’t been back home in so long.  And I’m gonna see my mom and freaking sister for the first time in more than 2..almost 3 years.

I’m ready to come home.  Maybe not to stay just yet.  But I’m ready to see America again.  I’ve missed you lady.  How have you been?




The women I work with are warriors(戦士) and legends(伝説). Sometimes my mind can’t wrap around the thought of what I’m doing amongst them.

Because I feel like a puppy when I’m around them.  Excited and amazed at every new discovery and chance to try something new.  Lol of course at times this puppy is aware that it might get kicked in the face if it makes the wrong move.


But I am where I want to be.

Last match in Shin-Kiba it was Kim-chan and I versus Nanae Takahashi and Hojo Kairi.  They are an amazing team. I saw first hand why they’re the tag team champions. Kim of course was awesome. Watching her battle it out with Nanae were some of my favorite moments of the match.  Kim is trying to help me think more so I’m more aware of everything around me. I really like working with her.



Afterwards I met up with some of my friends that waited for me after the event. ;_; they waited in the cold for so long!! I felt really bad and just wanted to hug them. When I came around they took advantage of the fact that I’m a walking heater and stuffed their hands into my shirt and stole my heat. It was ok though, I really appreciated them coming and sticking around. When my friends are around I think I feel really excited and I don’t pay so much attention to the aches my body may feel ^^.


「insert photo of Jun, Andrew, and new friend Mike here」


I just like this photo *^^*

This weekend we’re going to Iwaki and Hakata!



In Iwaki I’ll face Mystique.
And in Hakata it’s me and Kim versus Yoneyama and Hatsuhinode.
I’m excited for both matches. Finally, another single! Mystique has a totally different style from me so I’m really interested to see what happens! And of course I’m excited to go back to Kyushu! Wrestling, friends, food, all of it! I can’t wait!  Ok…seriously though..I’ve been ignoring my stomach and now it’s mad at me. I have to take care of it. Til next time, what will you be doing this weekend? If you’re in Japan or Kyushu, will you be coming to the show?

Peace out my lovelies.

P.S. Editing later for more…time for food