On the way to Aomori

We’re riding up to Aomori tonight. We have a match at 2pm tomorrow. The bus doesn’t have any chains on the tires. Lol I wonder how well it’ll travel through snow country.

It’s the 3rd to last show we have for the year.

After Aomori is Osaka, then the year climax at Korakuen in Tokyo.
For those that know me, I’m very concerned about time. I have a terrible concept of time. I’m never right on time. If I’m not late, I’m ridiculously early. So I prefer to practice the latter. But like I mentioned in a previous post..I feel like I never have any time.  Training, family, friends.  I get so caught up in the movement of a moment that I don’t realize time has passed until someone or something outside of myself reminds me to slow down.

I’m trying..to become a more self-aware person. I feel like I’ve gotten to know myself much better since I’ve come to Japan. Acknowledging my weaknesses and flaws, and either choosing to accept them or change them..I think that’s what I’ve been doing all this time.

I don’t have the stability many of my friends and family have, nor can I give the monetary comfort I wish I could to my family.  But I still feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

And I know…I know it’s selfish. Chasing dreams and impulses half way across the world.. But I can’t stop. Not now. I just started. And I want to continue building myself into the best version I can be. …sorry gonna stop for a bit. Feelings got overwhelming. Can’t really identify what I’m feeling at the moment..probably because I don’t want to think anymore. //end rant

Do I push publish? Yeah Fuck it. Thanks for reading my thoughts.


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