So…many..people O.Oたくさんにんげん

Tomorrow Me and Kim-chan will be facing off with Starfire/Mystique and Yoneyama/Hatsuhinode.

I’m not really sure what to expect!  But I have a feeling it will be chaotic(カオス)! @.@;;;

If you’re in Tokyo come check it out!

12PM @ Korakuen Hall!

Tickets Info:
S 15,000yen
A 7,000yen
B 6,000yen
C 5,000yen
D 3,500yen

I also shot a photo book of the girls for Stardom that will be available tomorrow after the show!  Check it out!  Looking at it now…I realize I like making people climb things. ❤  Gosh I love heights!


Ok, I’m gonna go stretch and prepare for tomorrow!  I hope I see you there!またあした!!

Thank you to Noir Wolf for sending me this image!  It’s beautiful! ❤



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