Winning, losing, eating.

*^_^* I won my first match yesterday!
*^_^* きのうはつしょおりでした!

I was facing Hazuki Reo and Hatsu Hinode in a 3 way match in Shin-Kiba.
しんきばで3WAYバトル, はずきとはつひのでとわたし。
We’ve faced each other before, but I was feeling much better this time!

In fact, I had eaten a lot of meat the night before so I felt really good!  

Unfortunately, the blood I tasted was my own, but maybe next time I’ll be able to bite through Hinode’s mask and see what she tastes like.  

*^_^* She’s so cute.  
I’m sure she tastes like sugar!

This 3 way stuff is difficult, but interesting.
It’s hard for me to concentrate when there are such yummy looking humans bouncing around in front of me.  

But I will try harder!  

The 3 of us are fighting again in Shin-Kiba and Osaka, so I’m sure I’ll get another chance!

I watched Kimura-san fight yesterday too!
She’s really strong.
I hear she’s never caught a cold before.
~_~;; I’m just getting over a cold.
Maybe one day I will be strong like her!  

I assume I must continue eating meat and fighting so I can gain experience points and level up.

10677486_1474579799458472_499375710_oEveryone’s matches were hella cool! *O*
After everyone’s matches I got to meet some of the Stardom/Monster/Wolf fans and take some pictures!
I feel really honored they want to take pictures with or of me.  
I always make such horrible faces in photos.  They say photos capture the soul.  My soul always looks hungry.

After the event I went with my friends Jun and Felicity to eat some meat.
They said they really had a good time, but Felicity said I should be sexier when I fight.  I don’t really know if I can do that, but I guess it’s advice I can consider!


Ahh more stuff happened, and I was able to drink some delicious beer…but I’m getting distracted by my homework.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.13.28 PM


I still have a lot to learn about Joshi Puro, but I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who are willing to share what they know!
*^_^* Ok! I’m going to study some more! Have a great night/week! And enjoy your meals!


My 3 Japanese words for the day are:

Appreciate = かんしゃする
Focus = しゅうちゅう
Miss = こいしたう


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